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WELCOME! My name is Diane Siniard and I am the coordinator for North Carolina Military pages. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

There will be a variety of information on the Military in North Carolina added to this site.

These pages will also contain links to other Wars in North Carolina.

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  • What's New
    This page contains new information added to this site

  • NC Counties with Military information

  • US Army Enlistments from NC 1798-1914

  • NC Counties with Register of Deeds online

  • Information on the Medal of Honor

  • NC Medal of Honor Receipents

  • NC Veterans from Various Wars

  • Original Members of the Independent Company
    This page contains some roster info from various wars

  • The Price Americans Have Paid the Last 228 Years

  • The Constitution of The United States

  • Military Code of Conduct

  • Links to information on Military Service and War specific links

  • September 1944, Cherry Point Naval Air Station, North Carolina

  • Dowless' Labor of Love: Marking Veterans Graves

  • North Carolina's Lost Souls Genealogy Project

  • Lost Souls Genealogy Project

  • North Carolina American Revolutionary War

  • North Carolina War of 1812

  • North Carolina in the Mexican War

  • North Carolina in the Civil War

  • North Carolina in the Spanish-American War

  • North Carolina in World War I

  • North Carolina in World War II

  • North Carolina in the Korean War

  • North Carolina in the War on Iraq

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